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I was watching recently Angry Joe's review of Star Trek. I agree with what he said about the state of the franchise. This isn't your grandfather nor your father's Star Trek. There isn't diplomacy and exploration. What there is - is blowing stuff up. I think the ability to write a story that melds the diplomacy/exploration with the action is beyond the capabilities of most triple AAA film writers and directors. So, Abrams and his team do what they can do best - create an action/adventure that gets people into the theaters.

I am leery of reviews after being burned by video game critics. These critics will give gushing reviews to games that are broken, ex. Skyrim, or that have endings that upset the franchise, ex. Mass Effect 3.
Does anyone actually think the reason we don't get exploration/diplomacy SF films is because they simply don't/won't sell?

My copy of Skyrim for the Xbox 360 isn't broken. The wife and I have played the shit out of it since it was released. And why should the story ending of a video game affect the rating said game is given?
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