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Re: Making the Intepid Class Prototype (Sternbach)

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Well Rick, I for one would be happy reading a thread with just your napkin doodles!

It's a crying shame that you never got to design any of the ships from Star Trek online. Some of those Klingon and Fed designs just don't look right!
Well, it's not for lack of trying to get involved, all the way back to talking to the Perpetual guys, which was like talking to a bunch of asylum inmates. Anyhow, I wouldn't be surprised if it really comes down to design and development folks wanting to play in the sandbox their own way, and I don't really have a problem with that. If game companies and others produce stuff that ticks the fan base off a bit, but still makes money, I suspect CBS won't yank on the reins. I think it's a bit like the Architect telling Neo "There are levels of survival we are prepared to accept."

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