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Re: Isn't The Special, The Docudrama and Big Finish Enough [50th Spoil

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So we've all heard the confirmations from Doctor Who Magazine that David Tennant will be the only returning Doctor for the 50th Anniversary. We now also know that Doctors 4-8 will be brought together for the Big Finish special "The Light at the End". And the creation of the show will be honored by the docudrama "An Adventure in Space and Time".

Isn't that enough?
Not to mention the ongoing Prisoners of Time comic book from IDW (which features all eleven Doctors and will likely unite them in the final issue), The Destiny of the Doctor series of Companion Chronicles from Big Finish, the set of mini e-books coming out from various writers (A Big Hand For The Doctor, The Nameless City, The Spear of Destiny, etc.) AND (again from Big Finish) Doctor Who: The Beginning.

And if all that still ain't enough, Rich Morris - the guy who did The Ten Doctors fan comic a few years back - is planning a followup: The 23 Doctors.

Looks to me like the 50'th is gonna be celebrated plenty, with or without the Classic Doctors on the screen. (Apologies for my earlier words, Allyn.)

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