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Re: John Williams to Score Star Wars Episode VII

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Well, Episode VII definately doesn't deserve John Williams, but atleast the movie will have atleast one thing going for it (not that it will really help, considering all the thigns it has going against it, but anything positive about the movie at this point is good news).
ALL Star Wars deserves John Williams. Anyway, I see no reason whatsoever why Episode VII couldn't be better than Episodes I, II, III or even VI...
Well, I like Return of the Jedi a lot. Short of JJ Abrams being replaced by an alternate universe version of himself (from a universe where he isn't a complete idiot) there is no way VII could be as good as even EP 1 or 2, and they weren't very good.

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Agreed. Not exactly sure what VII has "going against it" right now. At this point, it's too early to form much of an opinion at all.

Just for full disclosure, I hate JJ Abrams. I personally think he's a complete hack, and the fact that he gets to go ruin my second favorite Sci Fi series (after already destroying the future of my favorite sci fi series) makes me angry. The fact that he's allowed anywhere near VII is what that movie has going against it. I'd rather have george lucas be in charge of VII. Heck, I'd rather have Michael Bay be in charge of VII. JJ already copies him (explosions, boobs, the fact that they are both allergic to actually telling a story) and atleast Bay will use less lensflares as he's taking a dump on a beloved series. If the movies doomed to be a mindless action flick for the Transformers fans (like ST 2009), you might as well get the actual Transformers guy, not his pupil.

To be clear, Bay sucks. Transformers 2 was an abomination (and also written by the writers of Star Trek 2009, unsurprisngly). But, atleast you know how Bay will destroy something. As much as I say JJ copies Bay (and he does) he also has the ability to create new ways for a movie to suck (like lensflares). I can't imagine what he'll do to Star Wars. After his movie comes out, we'll all be wishing that Lucas was back, and he'll probably be laughing about how everyone took him for granted.

I really hope this post doesn't create a big fight, I just wanted to make my feelings clear. I hate abrams, he can do no good in my opinion. I won't convince his fans he's horrible, they won't convince me he's not. I just figured that posting "JJ Abrams is the biggest hack in the world" wouldn't be a good way of explaining what this movie has going against it, so I made a longer post.
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