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When I was working for a lot of government contractors, it astonished me how many really motivated, smart and useful kids came out of the military into tech fields with strong skills and found employment in the DC area really difficult. The sole reason was that most government contracts for computer-oriented jobs - and this was way back in the 80s - stipulated that all contract staff employed on the project have at least four year degrees. If you couldn't or didn't choose to do college but enlisted instead and got lots of practical training in real world situations (and that included a lot of classroom instruction for computer programmers, operators and so forth) you were screwed in the local market.
That's because one party is in bed with the Education industry. So they help their voters/donors, by making policy which forces people to seek their services.
No partisan politics - you can just drop that right now. There are forums for discussing politics and, unless those have some direct bearing on the topic which is the focus here, this forum is not one of them. I also think the "college" angle has drifted far enough away from the Star Trek angle that it really needs to go find a thread of its own right away.
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