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Re: DWM Announces Full Cast List for Big Finish's The Light at the End

That's an amazing cast.

As for audio appearances of the first three Doctors, I recently rented the DVD of "Planet of Giants" with the reconstruction of the full episodes 3 & 4 (which were cut down and combined into a single episode for air), and the actor they got to perform the Doctor's lines, John Guilor, did an amazingly accurate impression of William Hartnell, the best I've ever heard. I mean, I have a keen ear for voices and I'm rarely satisfied by any impersonation because I can hear the differences in timbre and rhythm and such, but Guilor's First Doctor was so dead-on I think it might've fooled me if I hadn't known it was an impersonator. I think it would be a great idea for him to do some audios as the First Doctor.
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