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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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Are you sure about that? Scotty started a bar-room brawl over a Klingon insulting the Enterprise in Trouble With Tribbles...
Don't know about Scotty, but in one episode, after fake Lincoln unintentionally uses an offensive name for Uhura, she says she's not offended at all, and makes a statement that in their century, they've learned not to fear words.

It just seemed to suggest that the average 23d century human cant be offended by words and insults anymore.

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I don't think of it as a utopia. A utopia by its very definition is stagnant and boring. I think Roddenberry's vision was of humanity working to constantly improving itself - striving toward perfection, even if perfection itself is unreachable.

And yes, the Federation does seem like an Eden by modern standards, but think of when it takes place. A lot of people seem to forget that Star Trek's setting is not 20 years in the future, not 50 years in the future, it's THREE CENTURIES in the future. A lot changes in 300 (or 400) years.
I agree too, that people have improved over time and have dumped at least some self destructive behaviors.

According to Trek, all humans have no prejudices, are unselfish, pacifist, and accepting.

What I find fascinating is that Trek is basically saying that 100% of humanity acts and thinks this way.

What could realistically cause a change like that to happen?
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