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I know enough folks who wasted money on a useless degree to end up in a trade that pays the rent and then some. And who are very happy. AND realized just how much time and money they wasted following a course expected of them by society of the "right" way of growing up and pursuing a career.

There are better ways, and much less costly ways as well.
And my experience is that everybody who didn't get a significant degree cannot even get a foot in the door for mundane jobs now. You've read of the McDonald's that requires a 4-yr degree for food prep?

I've got 20+ years of pro writing credits, some of that as a fulltime thing and a lot as freelance plus regular crappy day job, and can't even get an interview for a day-in/day-out writing job (which is why I still have the insanely crappy day job) ... I take that back, twice since I've been in the northwest I HAVE gotten writing-related interviews ... both of which ended abruptly when I said, "I have 6 units of college." Didn't matter that in one case we'd gone through all the prelims, including hashing out wages and schedules.

My wife has several years of accounting and bookkeeping work and literally PERFECT job reviews for two decades ... same story, she cannot get a job in that field at all ... need as minimum a 4 yr degree.

I'm not advocating getting more college because it is going to improve you, or because its the time of your life or any of that. But for whatever reason (maybe the employers want workers they know are having to pay off $50,000 or more in college loans, figuring they won't bug out or cause trouble? Haven't really seen a solid professional reason for disqualifying more than competent folk for the lack of higher ed), that is now a much bigger issue than I recall it ever being in the past.

Oh yeah, reason I went into this thread: there is a light tech article on this movie up at ... it discusses IMAX and the 3D aspect ... interestingly, and contrary to statements made in the trekmovie forum, shooting flat with conversion in mind did NOT slow down production, because after hearing about all the do-this/don't-do-that, Abrams stopped listening and just shot it as he would anything else.

Link to story is at:

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