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Re: YOUR Favorite TARDIS Corridors!

I've joined in the nearly-unanimous vote for the white roundelled corridors, but I'd quibble with the chronological breakdown and the "JNT era" label, because those were pretty much in place as early as the Philip Hinchcliffe era, like in "Masque of Mandragora" (I think it was) where they introduced the retro, wood-panelled console room. The opening scene there had the Doctor and Sarah wandering through the corridors, and they looked pretty much like they did in later years, as I recall.

Although I have to wonder, did we ever really see TARDIS corridors per se before then? It was mainly just in the first season, especially "The Edge of Destruction," that the interior of the ship beyond the console room was seen, and that was just dining and sleeping areas that were adjacent to the console room. Not really specific corridors or hallways, just rooms abutting rooms. Between then and "Masque," I don't recall seeing much of the TARDIS interior.
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