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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

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And Walter was held in Bludhaeven.

Early on people did think the Moira was involved with the sinking of the Queens Gambit - well I guess we know now she wasn't.

almost felt sorry for Malcom Merlyn at one point.
I honestly have to admit --- when Bludhaven was mentioned, I expected Nightwing to cameo.

The odd thing is, this kind of messes with the tradition locations of several major cities muchly.

Star City is traditionally a West Coast town while Bludhaven is usually considered to be the outskirts of NYC/Gotham or somewhere in New Jersey.

So either Ollie went to the other side of the continent (which it didn't seem like) or the cities locations have been tweaked.

Starlet City being on the West Coast to date has made a lot of sense because it easily explained a seemingly oriental named island and may other facets of the 5 year gap. Though no one has stated where Starlet City is to date, this whole Bludhaven pickup muchly feels like the writers forced the city name in there =(.
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