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Re: The Cleveland show is cancelled

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What is the word on McFarlane's Flintstones remake? Is it possible Fox is just axing Cleveland to make room for that? In which case, we're just replacing Black Family Guy with Caveman Family Guy.
The rub is, most black people didn't like The Cleavland Show, from what I can gather. I once came across a comment in an article about the show Daria that was focused on the one black character in it wishing that she had her own show, instead of something like The Cleavland Show (the article in question is here: On Race, Feminism, and Jodie Landon).

For myself, I've only seen one episode of The Cleavland Show, and all I can say is 'meh'.

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I think one of the first shows to go Very Special was THE FACTS OF LIFE, which was never a great show, yet did a great VSE way back about 1981 or so involving self-defense against would-be rapists. What made it funny AND in character were the key actresses's reactions to hypothetical attack situations. For a public service announcement, it did the job well.

But now in the 2010s we have Mr. Giggety as our new moral compass. It still beats hearing ''Look at me, I'm {whoever} for the 13,864th time. Or playing an entire song just to fill time.
The Facts Of Life wasn't the first to do this at all; the very first ones of this type of episode were in the 1960's, one of them being 'The Shark Affair' from The Man From UNCLE, a few episodes of All In The Family, the abortion episode of Maude, and the episode 'Elegy For A Pig' of Adam 12.

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