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Re: John Williams to Score Star Wars Episode VII

I approve, with some caveats.

Of course, he should score it. It's a good thing, of course, that he is doing it, but I also know that, at 81, he probably won't be doing all the films in the new trilogy.

In my opinion, he should work with another up and coming composer and collaborate on this or the next film. First that would bring a slightly different edge to it while still conforming to most of the stuff that came before in a general aesthetic sense.. and when Williams decides to retire, that new person will earn the reigns. so, in a way wit could be like Star Trek First Contact, composed by Goldsmith and his son. By the way, that is a great score for a blockbuster film. Of course the reason that Joel Goldsmith helped was a little different but it worked nonetheless.

I also want to make it clear that the music on the prequels isn't nearly as gripping as the music for the original films. Each prequel had one or two new themes that were memorable, but the rest was usually a bit too generic for my tastes. For example, when Anakin wins the podrace, the Yayy! music is so generic.

I also think the new "non-episode" standalone adventures could benefit by not being scored by Williams. a new edge would really work. In fact, I can't help but to personally looking forward to those films, good stories set in the universe (galaxy) of Star Wars than anything that can be done with Skywalker clan. I just don't think that is going to be all that fresh and interesting. I'm not saying it will be bad. I'm just stating what I am more interested in. I want to see dark, dramatic, and exciting stories set in that world. I have become so cynical of Hollywood and I would love to NOT be about those films.
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