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Re: Were there any people having open relationships in Trek?

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I was not saying anything about paying, some hookers have boyfriends.
I believe the technical term is "pimp."

Reminds me of that 94 movie Wyatt Earp... it works for some people!

JAMES: What you got against her, anyhow?
WYATT: She's a whore, James.
JAMES: Yes, she is, Wyatt.
(cut to Bessie leading a patron upstairs)
JAMES: And a hard-working one at that.
WYATT: What are you doing with her?
JAMES: Same thing everyone else is doing with her. Only difference is she doesn't charge me.
WYATT: It doesn't bother you?
JAMES: That she doesn't charge me? No, I'm rather fond of the arrangement. On a good day, I can even get her to cook and clean a little.
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