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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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According to TOS, future humans don't get angry at insults anymore at all. They don't fear words.
Are you sure about that? Scotty started a bar-room brawl over a Klingon insulting the Enterprise in Trouble With Tribbles...
Nightdiamond's likely thinking of that SAVAGE CURTAIN moment when Abraham Lincoln refers to Uhura as a charming Negress. Here's my slightly tweaked version below.

LINCOLN: Forgive me my dear. I realize my choice of words may be poor in these circumstances.

UHURA: But why should I be offended, sir? We've learned over time we have nothing to fear from words.....

KIRK: That's right. Mankind has evolved beyond such fear and ignorance. And that's why we have @#$%^&s on the bridge as well as &*$%#s.

UHURA and SULU: You son of a $$%^&*!!!!!
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