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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

tighr wrote: View Post
^+1 to what Scout said. To put it in a more concise way though, yes. I did roll my eyes at the magic pill that grows new livers. But at least they didn't try to explain it, so the plot just moved on and that doesn't stand out for me as a hallmark of ST:IV. Plus, it was meant as a lighthearted comedic moment, not a movie defining explanation for why the whales died.

DarthTom wrote: View Post
Curious, did you also roll your eyes, when Dr. Mcoy gave that women in the hospital in Star Trek IV a pill out of his, 'little black bag,' a pill that in just a few minutes grew her a new liver?
Unfortunately for you, you completely misinterpreted what my eyeroll was about re: "female presidents vs. cancer-curing-nanites". I was responding to Yoda's incredulity at the President of Georgia being a woman:

Yoda wrote: View Post
Can a women even come to power in Georgia as it is now? Without the worldwide apocalypse...? Have they had a female governor? Senator? Christ... I'm looking at the current list of congressmen... thought maybe I had a winner... a "Lynn". But nope, just a dude named "Lynn". It looks like they had a couple in the past in Dem districts, but c'mon.

Throw in the total collapse of the society that is still very much working towards equality and...? Woman President and people leisurely shopping for hats? I'm gonna have to disagree with their speculative fiction on this one, sorry.
I am much more ready to accept a woman President of Georgia (in the year 2028, no less!) as completely plausible than I am cancer curing nanites. Frankly, I found it entirely offensive that he would suggest a woman would be unable to be President of Georgia.

Over on AVS (where they're discussing this show as well), someone made the claim that the blackout would result in rampant return to puritanical religious attitudes, and that Charlie wouldn't be allowed to run around shooting people with her bare midriff exposed, and would be stoned by the religious fanatics. I completely disagreed, because just because the power went out doesn't mean it's not still the year 2028. Progressivism doesn't die just because I can't make instant oatmeal in a microwave.
Agreed, Knowledge and education is still there and people might actually take the time to read a book once in a while since they dont get to watch TV and play video games all the time in between searching for food and fighting militia.
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