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Re: The Valiant never seen....

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^^ No, I didn't forget that. I don't think that it's really relevant. I think the real distinction is that one is considered a pro because they're recognized for their work and has been successful and paid. One can have all kinds of talent (in any field) but until you're recognized and paid for it your ability doesn't matter.
Well what it seems like he's saying is that even if you're paid for it, your aesthetic abilities and sensabilities and and visionary talent doesn't matter either unless you call the ship something else and write you're own original franchise setting and premise and also happen to be a producer with enough clout and able (allowed) to do it.

There's an old joke where a scientist tells god that he is also able to create life like he did and proceeds to grab a a fist full of dirt and God says, whoa, wait a minute, get you're own dirt.
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