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Re: 7X10 Journey To The Centre Of The TARDIS(Grading/Discussion)(SPOIL

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This is response to Nagisa Furukawa's post, which is too lengthy to quote.

I can only speak for myself, but I was an avid fan of the Virgin NAs and generally enjoyed them. I even enjoyed many of the mysterious glimpses we got of the Doctor's past in the novels tied to the Masterplan. I disliked the idea of the Looms as soon as they first appeared in Time's Crucible, mostly because they seemed like yet another attempt to make Susan something other than the Doctor's granddaughter (most of these attempts were fan rationalizations, but not all (lest we forget the Lady Larn). I don't know what the creators' rationale was, but I do remember the glee that some fans took in the confirmed asexuality of the Doctor at the time. Lungbarrow was a book that I had looked forward to for some time, but found it very lacking after all the great buildup by authors such as Lance Parkin. It wasn't an awful book, but just "meh" in my opinion.

But all of this is really moot since the 96 TV movie and the new series have contradicted the existence of the looms anyway. The 96 TV Movie had The Doctor mention his parents & there have been several references to his having been a parent/grandparent (Which I know some have interpreted as a memory of The Other's parents/kids/grandkids), but the clincher--for me--was the flashback to the Master as a child (Since the Looms supposedly spit out fully grown Gallifreyans) and the mention in The End of Time to the Master's father.

So, while I have enjoyed certain aspects of the Masterplan, both in the McCoy era and the VNAs and wouldn't mind some of those threads picked up, I am not a fan of the Looms and the convoluted explanation of Susan's relationship to the Doctor that came out of it.
Well put!

It would be amusing if Moffat put a weird twist to all this by having Clara's mom or dad be River's kid by the Doctor. What with one Clara having the same birthday as the start of the series and being the same age as the first run, having the new Clara as the new grand daughter should crack the Internet fan boards pretty effectively.
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