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Re: So it's come to this-a petition to bring Star Trek back to TV...

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Yes, people are buying LCD and plasma screens so they can watch the shows they stream. Fewer people than ever are watching scripted network broadcasts - and the advertisements that pay for them. That's not my opinion, that's ratings.
Those ratings are sliding right now, but I believe they'll stabilize at some point for one simple reason: people are going to continue to want scripted material. And what will happen is that at some point the cost of doing business for streaming service is going to begin to swell as they try to keep a varied back-catalog and pay for new scripted shows. Also some cable and telecommunications companies are beginning to tinker with metered internet fees (based on usage) which is going to push that cost higher for folks when they are streaming 1080p material.

As streaming costs rise, people will go back to watching the networks/cable.
And when that happens, the networks will have to step up the the plate creatively and start putting on more scripted drama and comedy (as well as variety shows/specials and retrospective special on older TV shows) like they used to, and cut down on the police shows and reality TV shows.

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Just like the NY Time's paywall is going to drive people back to printed news?
Er, what? People read tons of newspapers all the time.
I concur with Dukhat on that last point.
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