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Re: YOUR Favorite TARDIS Corridors!

Hmm, close call between JNT and TV, but JNT wins just by the skin of it's teeth. I prefer the TARDIS console room of TVM, but ultimatley JNT wins. It's the clasic, and really the only one that I grew up with seeing in my time (RTD) didn't really show any other rooms, and yet we saw loads of them in JNT. I'd say my least favourite corridors would the the newest one, although for me right now, the console room is tied bottom with the other Smith one. Not enough circles.

What I'd like them to do is undo this awfull dark murkey thing the new tardis has going on, and then get to see corridors and companions rooms like they did in JNT's time.

I think they just need to go back to square one with the tardis interior. How come JNTs tardis lasted for about a decade, and the new tardis's keep switing every five minites, especially since Moffat got in. I wasn't a big fan of RTDs tardis, but at least he stuck to it.
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