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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I'm pretty sure the wave 2 Superman is the exact same figure as the wave 1 figure, just with a chain. I can't really say that wave 2 looks worse than wave one, since wave 1 Zod suffers from the same giant head problem that plagues Faora, and armored Zod looks fantastic.

Matty Collector has been revealing the SDCC exclusives, and this is the one for DC Club Infinite Earths

Is this a fucking joke? They tease us that it's going to be a fully new tooled figure (it's not) and a fan demanded character (it's not.) You can still walk into a Toys R Us anywhere and find the classic Shazam! and Black Adam two pack. Not to mention the fact that this will be exactly the same as a no frills standard figure, just at a premium exclusive price. All that aside, the figure looks unbelievable awful! That hood! Holy crap, how did anyone think that was acceptable. That element alone is enough to make me not buy this.

It kinda feels to me like they accidentally promised we would see a SDCC exclusive, and then just yanked a figure that was intended for DC Unlimited so that they didn't have to bother actually making something.
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