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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Even Q's trying to get some. Because next up is:


Riker's in here too.


I love this episode. Gets its message across and has the usual Q fun while we're at it. Other than going on about how good it was to see de Lancie or Frakes playing their roles I've not really got anything to add here.

Okay, maybe a little. The Riker scene, Riker gets to grin behind Janeway just as he does with Pickard as she switches tracks dealing with the other guests and the Qs, while Janeway gets a little bit starstruck with the First Officer of the Fleet's Flagship who has done so much. Both played it really well. Made me realise that within Starfleet the Senior Staff of the Enterprise are probably semi-celebrities after everything they've been through.
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