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Re: Supernatural 8x20 "The Great Escapist" spoiler discussion thread

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
How about how Metatron said "The Universe" as if Earth isn't the only place where life lives.
We've been told that several times before, including from Castiel himself. I'm pretty sure Crowley's said it as well.

Brent wrote: View Post
We also learned that God did at one point exist, had Metatron write some stuff down, then dissapeared.
And we've known that for a while now, too. We've even seen God several times on the show, as mentioned in the last episode thread.

And even if you want to ignore that, we know God was on Earth courtesy of Joshua -- the only angel still in contact with God. God even told Joshua to leave the Winchester's memories in tact before sending them back to Earth.

The question is why he's taken an off-hands approach to Creation, not if he ever existed or is still around.
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