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Could Judgment Day have been averted if Sarah hadn't called Ginger?

"SkyNet knew almost nothing about Connor's mother. Her full name, where she lived... the Terminator was just being systematic." -Kyle Reese

I rewatched The Terminator last night and wondered something. Apparently, SkyNet was in the dark when it came to Sarah Connor, which led to the T-800 using advanced reconnaisance (aka The White Pages) to track down his intended targets. We know he asked the first Sarah Connor if she was, in fact, Sarah Connor before terminating her with extreme prejudice. We don't know if he did the same with Sarah Louise Connor. However, he does not do this when he confronts Matt and Ginger.

For all intents and purposes, the White Pages and the apartment's board listings list the apartment as being occupied by Sarah Connor. So, the Terminator breaks in, beats the shit out of Matt and kills Ginger, Sarah's roommate. Now, supposing Sarah didn't call Ginger from the TechNoir bumming a ride, wouldn't the T-800 consider it's mission accomplished at that point? He didn't do a sweep of the first Sarah's house to confirm her identity, so it's safe to say he wouldn't ransack Sarah's apartment to do the same (he only does so when she identifies herself on the answering machine).

Did Sarah single-handedly sentence 3 billion human lives to their fiery demises by being a mooch? What would the T-800 have done between that point and Judgment Day? Get a job? Work to ensure SkyNet gets built? Would Kyle and Sarah still have hooked up and conceived John? Or would Sarah have sensed Kyle was a creep and denied him a date? If so, wouldn't the T-800 have blinked out of existence since SkyNet, John Connor and Judgment Day are all crucial to each other's existences?
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