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Re: Official New Star Trek 2012 Game for the PC, PS3 & X360

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Anyone have a good strategy in that Enterprise space level? Trying to get the achievement, but I can't seem to keep the hull above 85%. Got 31 out of the 49 or so achievements, trying to get as many as I can.
Have you been using shields?

I ask becuase I didn't even notice that until the last part of the level.
Yeah, I was using shileds, still can't keep the hull above 80%. Doing a play through on hard difficulty at the moment, might go back on easy or medium and try and snag the achievement that way. The Space Battle mission is probably one of my least favorite levels, just because it doesn't feel very intuitive. It wants to play like an on the rails shooter, but the HUD is pretty weak, and hard to figure out what targets you are supposed to be attacking. Although there are some nice visuals of the Enterprise launching a barrage of weapon fire after the tactical command.

Another strange moment is that mind meld scene in the shuttle bay, not sure why it needs those interactive bits that really serve no purpose, that whole segment could have just played out as a cutscene without interaction.
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