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Re: VOTE -- TNG Avatar Contest #67: Tin Man

Tom Riley wrote: View Post
Okay, I probably should've posted a link to this tie breaker here in the thread. I'll make sure to next time.

I'll just leave that last tie.

Episode Theme: Tin Man

JiNX-01................. . . . . .

TNG Theme: Betazoids

Praetor Shinzon..... . . . . .

Random Theme: Toys

JiNX-01 & Orac..... & . . . . .

Congratulations to JiNX-01, Praetor Shinzon, and Orac! Praetor Shinzon may choose the new TNG Theme, and JiNX-01 and Orac may decide upon the Random Theme together. The next episode is Hollow Pursuits. Thank you to everyone who entered and all who voted.
Uhhhh... Am I supposed to be setting up the new contest?
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