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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

I just noticed that Lawrence Fishburne is Perry White. If this movie ends with Clark waking up in the matrix to find out this was all fake, then this may not turn out to be the worst live action superman adaptation. Warner Brothers is the distributer for Man of Steel and the Matrix

I'd also give the scene from the older trailer were Jonathan Kent tells clark he should have let a bus full of children drown a pass if it turns out he said that because he's still actually the guy from Waterworld and he was right there to save the kids anyway, so Clark shouldn't have bothered

I will say that the music sounds good. Thats honestly the only good thing i've said about the movie (and don't expect any other good words). It doesn't sound like anything will become iconic like the old superman movie music (the Man of Steel composer is no John Williams) but it still sounds like it will be good.
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