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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

I've always enjoyed "Pyramids..." as it is a study in understatement. Think about it, what's the most dramatic physical action Gabriel Woolf perform while in costume? He rises from his chair and lowers his arms. Yet he "oozed" menace on a level rarely equaled in the series, classic or contemporary. Even then, he never "ranted" like Davros; he never "bellowed" like Omega. Most of the time, his tone was barely louder that a dulcet whisper. Yet one got the feeling he could have, with a simple gesture of his hand, swept away the combined forces of the TimeLords AND the Daleks.

All of which makes me all the more giddy about the upcoming release of a "follow up" figure set featuring the masked Sutekh (with illuminating eyes)! It'll also include the space/time vortex coffin and a Marcus Scarman figure! No, I don't know the release date.


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