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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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But, I've been enjoying Moffat's seasons greatly. No real complaints. Overall, I enjoy his work and RTD's work about the same amount, but for different reasons.

In the end, I wish there was a classic Doctor involved in the anniversary special. But, if not, I will likely enjoy it anyway. Still, it's a shame. These actors won't be with us forever and they contributed greatly.

Mr Awe
I'm the same. Despite a few missteps here and there, I've found the overall quality to be at a consistently high level since the show returned. I'm always a bit baffled at the people complaining every year about the show going downhill and becoming more terrible than ever.

And yeah, I do think it's a giant missed opportunity to not have the classic Doctors in there, but I'm not about to let that prevent me from enjoying the special we do get.
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