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Isn't The Special, The Docudrama and Big Finish Enough [50th Spoilers]

So we've all heard the confirmations from Doctor Who Magazine that David Tennant will be the only returning Doctor for the 50th Anniversary. We now also know that Doctors 4-8 will be brought together for the Big Finish special "The Light at the End". And the creation of the show will be honored by the docudrama "An Adventure in Space and Time".

Isn't that enough?

There seem to be a lot of hints that the BBC itself was not keen on bringing in the classic Doctors for the televised 50th special and Moffat, being the massive fan of Who that he is, would want to honor them in some way. We've been getting a lot of Classic Who references in this season, after all. But if the BBC says no, it means no. There's nothing he can do about it.

This makes even more sense when you take certain comments he's made in regards to "fan-ish" explanations and what you can do on BBC1. From this interview about "The Angels Take Manhattan":

“New York would still burn. The point being, he can’t interfere. Here’s the ‘fan answer’ – this is not what you’d ever put out on BBC1, because most people watch the show and just think, ‘well there’s a gravestone so obviously he can’t visit them again’. But the ‘fan answer’ is, in normal circumstances he might have gone back and said, ‘look we’ll just put a headstone up and we’ll just write the book’. But there is so much scar tissue, and the number of paradoxes that have already been inflicted on that nexus of timelines, that it will rip apart if you try to do one more thing. He has to leave it alone. Normally he could perform some surgery, this time too much surgery has already been performed. But imagine saying that on BBC1!
So given the reality that all of the Classic Doctors appearing on the 50th special is a bridge too far for the BBC, we at least get a special from Big Finish. We know Big Finish can pull it off and will probably do a splendid job. They've made the Eight Doctor a right, proper Doctor and reformed the Sixth Doctor in many people's eyes. This gives big fans of the audios a way to celebrate the 50th as well.

I don't know about anyone else but two specials and a big audio event seems like a good amount of materials for a big anniversary. We have celebrations of the beginning, the old and the new. Star Trek's 50th anniversary is coming up in 2016 and there's barely been a peep about... anything. We don't even know if we can expect the next film by then thanks to JJ's new commitment to Star Wars. It seems to me to expect anything else, or anything more, is setting ourselves up for disappointment.
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