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Re: Survivor 26: Fans vs Favorites Discussion

That was a very amusing second part of the episode.

My top three quotes:
Andrea: "I wanted Brenda out, now I talked to everybody and now she going"
Eddie: "I've been tricked and fooled and pretty much every other adjective before tribal councils but I feel a little different tonight. Andrea told me they are going to blindside Brenda and there's really no reason to lie to me. So for the first time I think I'm going to tribal council with an idea of who we're actually voting for"
Erik: "I'm actually in control of the game it feels like"

Also interesting that Andrea was voted out with only a relative majority, doesn't happen too often. I'm not sure splitting the vote made a whole lot of sense though; if Erik the Squinx had done someone weird, it could have completely messed up their plan. I'm not sure why they tell him anything.
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