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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

Icemizer wrote: View Post
My only problem was the creation of a new company name that was going to create the device to destroy the Glades. DC didnt have any large evil corporation names they could use?
Though not directly related to the bomb, Moira did mention Robert was investing a lot of time in Kord Industries. I wonder if that's a throw away line for next season.

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I still have no idea why they called it Starling City
I've thought that weird too. The first few times I heard the name, I thought I heard it wrong.

My guess is TPTB probably wanted the city name to resonate in a way that sounded more like a real city name. They may have been some sort of weird copyright issue. For instance, Star City Games is a very well known establishment; though oddly enough they'd probably want the PR that would come with the show.
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