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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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Novelist Anne McCaffrey, for instance, believed that psionic powers were real and often featured them in her fiction even while insisting that she only wrote science fiction and never fantasy. (Her Pern novels often get shelved as fantasy because they have dragons, but the dragons are genetically engineered animals on an alien planet.)
They were also genetically engineered form a lifeform native to the planet that happened to resemble miniature dragons

I would have found her ability to see past events, the apparent increase in these visions since coming to Defiance and her anger over Nolan having dismissed them in the past as post traumatic stress induced hallucinations more believable if we had seen her have one of these visions in a previous episode, a fleeting image of someones past that was irrelevant to teh main plot that Nolan explained away as a ptsd hallucination.

I did find it sad how the older irathient guy was obviously a beliver of this sight being a gift from the gods whilst the younger irathient woman who was behind the murders and had obviously been born after the Votans arrival on earth was completely dismissive and skeptical of both the sight and the gods and the older facial scar guy didnt seem to know how to handle that.
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