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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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The actor who played Goshaven did the majority of his lines right next to the water pumping station. The sound of the running water was found to be too loud and they had to dub over all his lines with a different actor because the original actor was not available.


The dispute reached the point where the actor declined taking credit for the role---that didn't happen because they dubbed a few lines because of background noise.
Oh well I apologize if it is untrue but I did read that somewhere and I didn't make it up. So it seems I read incorrect info to start with
Don't apologize. The story you said makes sense in that many times actors are dubbed last minute for sound issues.

Good example the outdoor scenes in Return of the Archons has all of Harry Townes lines dubbed by (kebbler elf voice) Walker Edmiston.

But waaaay back in the day it was known that actor Grainger Hines did something to annoy the TNG procduction folks.

Some say he took on some strange John Wayne impersonation during shooting and refused to loop it. Other story was he just gave such a poor performance vocally (bored sounding) that they just brought in a good voice actor to dub his lines.

When he found his voice had been removed he asked his name be taken from the credits---which they were happy to do since he had made their life difficult.

Pretty rare event in Trek. They looped all of Alexander Siddig's lines in that episode where he was possessed by an alien because he had taken a Bela Lugosi voice during the shoot.
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