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I understand what you're saying but IMO it's a solid ideal to reach for. I really can't find fault with people who want to inculcate it into their lives.
The problem is that people are incorporating something twisted and strange and not at all what you think it is. I've seen one other poster play the IDIC card, but basically when it pertains to when people disagree with what he likes, and then he turns around and speaks of what he dislikes. That really makes no sense to me. It would make more sense to me that instead of worshiping a TV show's dogma and using it as any kind of basis for philosophy that one should first start with the basics like not being a hypocrite. Any one who throws out any claims of IDIC is like the one who throws the first stone...

And I called you ignorant because your post reeked of it.
Perhaps you already had the scent on your nose. There was nothing ignorant about it.
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