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Re: This Quote From the Star Trek Video game Review

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which is supposed to be terrible btw, from Gamespot sums it up pretty good about JJ Abrams Take on the Trek Franchise, better than anything else I heard

"The thing about Star Trek is that it has never really been about the action. Character drama and a continuing quest for knowledge have always been the show's raison d'etre over phaser blasts and exploding spaceships. Well, at least they were until J.J. Abrams got his hands on the property. And it's Abrams' action-packed, lens-flare-infused take on the Star Trek universe that forms the basis of Star Trek The Video Game, a homogeneous and vapid third-person shooter that reduces the inimitable Kirk and Spock to the role of gun-toting foot soldiers. Frankly, they deserve better. "
JJ's first Trek movie had more character drama in the first ten minutes than the franchise had in the preceeding four decades.

Reviewer is one of those flakes who thinks Trek is what the post-TOS hype said, not what it ever actually was. Kirk didn't fight the parasites in "Operation: Annihilate" as part of a quest for knowledge. Nor was he seeking truth when he fought Khan in STII. He wasn't doing anything but fighting for the lives of himself and his crew when he killed Gary Mitchell.

As for the videogame, they've been making Trek into a shooter since the late 80's. It's nothing new.
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