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Re: The Cleveland show is cancelled

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Thing is, when you get down to it, Quagmire is a rapist....Although the show has tried to show a decent side to him...
Yeah, that is one of the strangest aspects of the show. One moment, Quagmire is roofie-ing some woman and the next he's the gang's voice of reason.
Although, I do like it when they focus on Quagmire's hatred of Brian, mainly because Quagmire's grievances really do accurately sum Brian up perfectly. Particularly when they first started it with Brian spending an entire episode trying to get Quagmire to like him, then in the end asking Quagmire what his problem is and Quagmire launches into a minute long rant venting his frustrations on Brian.
Yes, that was actually the moment where I first saw the whole "Quagmire paradox" and quite enjoyed it, for the reasons you mentioned.

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I saw the abusive boyfriend episode the other night. Even though it had its typically outrageosly funny moments, having Lois Griffin lecture Quagmire's sister on abusive violence, after the countless bloody fights she's had with Peter, boggles the mind. None of the smarter characters bothered to point out the irony.
The writers of FG are neither as smart nor as self aware as they would like to think they are.
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