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^I love it! One thing I've noticed is the power of books to make foods that would otherwise sound not so pleasant (or even downright disgusting) to me sound delicious. Like stale rye bread!

It's high in fat from the tahini, olive oil, and avocado -- usually if I saute in oil I'll use a lighter dressing -- but, yeah, it's definitely not as bad as a McBurger and fries. The sprouts are great, and I just discovered them myself. They have broccoli, sunflower, kale ... all sorts. I like the kale sprouts because they're lime green with beet red stems. The sunflower sprouts I tried for the first time last night, and they're the most bitter and grassy, but nice in small doses. The broccoli sprouts were similar to alfalfa sprouts in flavor. I also like the tang of clover sprouts.

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