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Re: Latest acquisition!

My copy of A Stitch In Time (DS9 #27) arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon. I ended up paying approximately $22 for it, which includes shipping costs from the UK to the US. It's the most money I've ever spent for a used paperback novel, but considering what I've seen it selling for on various websites I consider it a bargain. I've heard in the past that this book experienced a low print run and that, combined with the excellence of the story (I bumped it up near the top of my to-read pile), have driven up the price far beyond most Treklit books.

I was a little bit worried that it would be in what I consider to be poor condition, as it was listed on line as being in "good-acceptable" condition, but it was in about as excellent a shape as a 13-year old paperback can be. It has just a few almost invisible creases on the spine, but that's it.
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