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Re: Revisiting Arrested Development

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I give FOX credit though. They kept it on for three seasons, hoping the critical success would turn into numbers. And it never did.
They did their typical Fox-isms to the show, though. It was moved around the schedule, changed timeslots, and the finale aired a month and a half after the 9th episode of that season, and this was after having skipped sweeps earlier in the season; the final 4 episodes aired as a block opposite the opening ceremonies for the 2006 Winter Olympics, so many fans didn't even get to see them.

Season 2 was cut down to 18 from 22, Season 3 was cut down to 13 from 22. This has the effect of screwing with the writer's plots, because they're unable to develop the stories they want to develop, resulting in fans thinking that Season 3 had lower quality than previous seasons. That's just from the accelerated timescale that things had to happen in the final season. That's why it seems like they jump from the British plot directly to wrapping up various storylines very quickly.
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