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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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So if we have a character with "the sight" does that tip this more into being a fantasy?
It certainly moves it further away from any kind of hard SF, but so do the impossibly huge arthropods, and the humanoid aliens, and the magic terraforming spheres. Basically the most plausible idea they've had so far was the Votan Arks traveling slower than light and their approach being detected years in advance. Otherwise it's all pretty fanciful.

As sojourner said, there's a long tradition in soft SF of treating psionic abilities as a form of science that humans haven't yet mastered. And there have long been people who have genuinely believed that psychic phenomena were provably real and were science fact rather than fantasy -- probably fewer people now than there once were, given that the experiments purporting to prove psychic abilities have been largely discredited as either fraudulent or badly enough designed to be unable to distinguish fraud from reality, but there are still some. Novelist Anne McCaffrey, for instance, believed that psionic powers were real and often featured them in her fiction even while insisting that she only wrote science fiction and never fantasy. (Her Pern novels often get shelved as fantasy because they have dragons, but the dragons are genetically engineered animals on an alien planet.)
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