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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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If you're going to have an argument about the size of any starship, or about the comparative sizes of any two or more starships, please do it in here, so as to avoid the disruption of so many other threads with said argument.
[montypython] This is not an argument! It is just contradiction! [/montypython]

So, anyway --

Put me down for the 2200 foot range based on a scaling I did based on the approximate height of the viewscreen on the bridge from the outside based on the size of a person seen inside the bridge standing next to the viewscreen. I performed the measurements three times to be sure. The said person (Chris Pine) is 73 inches tall. Of course, I didn't factor in the heal size of his shoes and how his relative size compared to the viewscreen/window would be affected by how far he was standing from it, but that's why it's an estimate. At any rate, I'm saying the Enterprise is 2200 feet long until Abrams decides it isn't or he changes the heights of his actors. But if anyone can tell me the size of the heals on Pine's boots (1 inch? less?) I could give a better estimate.
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