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Is Star Trek (the original series) aging really badly?

I have been re-watching Star Trek in HD with my last complete viewing about a decade ago. As a kid, back in the 90s, I loved the Original Series. TNG, DS9 and VOY couldn't hold a candle to it as far as I was concerned. However, with time I came to like those series just as much.

Now going back to Star Trek I'm shocked at how boring and silly most of the episodes are. Season 1 is still okay if not amazing. Season 2 is a lot worse and season 3 is a chore to watch with almost every episode.

By no means does this series hold up to the modern incarnations of Star Trek. It is excessively slow paced, the characters are often obtuse and whiny not because of their personalities but because the script uses this as an excuse for actual drama. The plots also often lack slickness suffering from inconsistency, meandering around until they resolve often with serious gaps in logic and without much dramatic purpose. The series also appears to have very little internal consistency. I get no sense of what rules govern this universe and there are certain plot themes that get repeated again and again. Finally even the acting is a lot worse than I remember. Often it feels like more of a pantomime than a science fiction series.

I fear this might be the last time I watch Star Trek with the exception of maybe a dozen or so episodes.

My question therefore is, is our respect and love for this series based on too much reverie for the past than actual quality that stands the test of time?
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