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Streaming Films

Ok I'm looking for help and all help is appreciated, I may sound dumb here but that's because I am, I have no idea when it comes to modern technology because I'm way behind the times, I only recently invested in a smartphone for the very first time.

I'm planning on buying a Samsung UE32EH5000 32" LED TV but reading up about it over the internet I know it does not have DLNA.

I have a Laptop.

I hooked the laptop up to my Mothers LG TV via HDMI as a test run and the telly immediately displayed the view on my laptop.

I want to join LoveFilm or generally just stream online content to my telly via my laptop via an HDMI cable.

All I want to know is do I need a telly that has DLNA?

Really basically all I want to do is just put my lappy next too my telly, plug the HDMI cable in both devices and stream a film from the lappy to the TV, that's it.
But I was looking at the telly and it said it didn't have DLNA and I've no idea what that is but I read it has something to do with streaming online content to the telly? so I looked it up and I'm unsure now whether I'm going to need it to stream lovefilm? or other films from other internet places?

All help is appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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