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Re: Kruge, and Genesis

Nevertheless, the Maltz end of things features some oddities. When Kirk beams up, he does so by calling Maltz - but he ends up materializing in a transporter room that is either uncrewed, or crewed by somebody else whom Kirk overpowers or kills off screen. Kirk then walks to the bridge, dragging Spock, and finds Maltz and the prisoners there.

Clearly, Maltz didn't beam up the prisoners to the transporter room on "remote", by pressing a button at the bridge, and then politely ask them over the PA system to walk to the bridge where he was waiting. He must have beamed up the prisoners to the location where he himself was waiting with a drawn disruptor. So, what's going on? Why would he "remotely" beam prisoners to the bridge but his own commander (in reality Kirk and Spock) to the empty transporter room?

I guess we have to assume Maltz beamed up the prisoners to the transporter room by using a console in the transporter room, then walked them at gunpoint to the bridge where he would prepare the ship for departure in case the planet blew up - and then remotely recovered his commander (that is, Kirk and Spock) because he could trust him (although not them!) with arrival at an unoccupied transporter room.

The other technically possible situation, the one where Klingons already know how to do direct site-to-site and Maltz beamed up the prisoners directly to the bridge, makes zero sense, as he would then have beamed Kruge from the planet directly to his command chair as well.

But why have the prisoners on the bridge at all? Wouldn't the ship have a lockable room or three for the purpose of holding captives? Were all locks aboard the ship rendered unreliable by Kirk's earlier bombardment? Or did Maltz think the planet would blow up so soon that he had no time for a round of locking-up?

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