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if you have the projector at the front
You can always have a projector inside a mist cylinder. Or outside it, but surrounding it from several directions.

You can also give the mist specific shapes that get augmented by the light show: you can pulse the flow, you can have the sprinklers arranged in specific patterns, and so forth.
But still, any time you have the image being projected through any part of the mist, you're going to see it, like the old "laser beam through fog" trick.

In any case, I don't think Daniels' gizmo shot a cloud of mist into the room first.
Probably not. But the principle could be the same: some futuristic <tech> like forcefields suspends a reflector in a point of space from which a beam of light can be bounced. Although with tech like that, one could no doubt also suspend an emitter of light at the selected point of space, without the need for separate projectors and canvases.
But then that wouldn't fall into the category of "not far from been [sic] available today" that the OP spoke of.

As for eye projection technology, it's just something today's technology can do - not something it really would be doing today. Helmet displays provide direct retina projection in many experimental military and medical applications, and it's a trivially short hop from there to using multiple beams and having them track the eyes of multiple users (there's commercial tech on the latter undergoing evaluation, say, for tracking the eyes of a car driver and sounding an alarm if they show signs of falling-asleep-style drifting).

To get 3D out of that, you just need to project different moving images to the left and right eye, which is the ages-old trick the 1960s 3D movies already mastered.

Timo Saloniemi
True, I won't argue with you there, but I think we're a long way from taking this technology that looks at a single person's eyes from a short distance and using it to look at the eyes of a large group of people from a far distance.
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