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Re: 50th Anniversary Story Official Thread

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Off topic: It's Tintin! Not TinTin, Tin-Tin, or any other crazy way to spell it! [/rant]

Now that I have that off my chest, I have to express my disappointment that none of the classic Doctors (to include Paul McGann) are not returning. I'm disillusioned enough to grasp straws in the belief that DWM is misleading the fans (or themselves being misled) out of hope they'll make a brief, surprise in appearance, but I know it's highly unlikely.

That being said, I'm not going to prejudge the special. We already know of a lot of great things that will be in the special, and while they're not the original actors, I'm excited about their inclusion. Only time will tell how good this special actually is.
Oh come on, why wait when you can judge it now and judge it harshly

Trouble is some people have had it in for Moffat since he started (since before then if I recall correctly) so they're actually really glad there are no classic Doctors in the special. Let's be honest some people wouldn't be happy even if Moffat did incorporate every surviving Doctor and managed to resurrect the first three into the bargain, plus include every living companion.

But I guess everyone needs a hobby...

Anyway gonna duck out of this thread now, partly cos the circular arguments get somewhat tiring, but mainly cos, you know, I'd like there to be some surprises left when I actually watch the darn thing.

I may love it, I may hate it, it may merely be 'ok' but that's a decision I'll make after I see it. At the risk of going all Kevin Keegan though I'd love it, LOVE IT, if midway through Tom Baker and Peter Davison suddenly appeared
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