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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Just finished Ensigns of Command. It was a pretty good episode. Who was black actor in the green shirt? Was he in any other episodes? His voice sounds familiar. The Sheliak ship is just as horrible in HD as it was in Just a mashup of the freighter from The Search for Spock.

Yeah I liked this ep as well. Although I did have to chuckle at how there's supposedly "15,000" inhabitants, yet only about 25 ever bother to show up to discuss the imminent attack on their city from the Sheliak. Lol

And wait, was that O'Brien playing bass during the musical concert?!? Seriously?? Was this musical ability of his EVER seen or referenced again on TNG or DS9? Because I sure don't remember it.

Oh and yeah, the Sheliak do look kind of laughably bad now in HD. It basically just looks like a guy wearing a comforter someone took off their bed. And I never realized before that their voice was the exact same one used for Armus in Skin of Evil.

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