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Re: My Enterprise 3D "Sketch"

I like that it takes the elements I like from the JJ-prise and slides the "wacko-proportion-o-meter" toggle back towards the original lines a bit. Also, the really wide windows around the saucer are an interesting choice. In fact, I kinda dig the more structural looking saucer rim also. There's something about the pylons I don't quite care for, but I can't put my finger on it exactly.

As for my website stuff... thanks! You're kind. I actually don't use ANY kind of 3d-Software. I have Sketchup, Blender, and Hexagon all downloaded and ready to go but I have never managed to make the time to actually learn how to use them. The soda can you're seeing is 2-D logo art work which I used Photoshop's very limited 3-D functions to map onto one of their stock objects. All of the lighting is the stock stuff. There is no attempt at accurate reflections or any such stuff. I'm really more of a 2-D guy at heart anyway...

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