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Re: David Gerrold's The Star Wolf

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I read Yesterday's Children (a title which to me made no sense to the story) once upon a time
Well, Gerrold started off intending to write a novel based on his rejected Star Trek outline ...the story to veer off in a totally different direction -- yet for whatever reason he didn't change the title. At least, not until he wrote the expanded 1980 version of YC, which was originally published under that title but was later reissued as Starhunt.
I'm aware of the origin of the title, and never understood why he didn't change it.

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and liked the twist at the end.
The end of which version? The original book ended at Chapter 28. The expanded version added eleven more chapters after that and totally reversed the ending of the original. I liked the original ending much better, and felt the expanded version was something of a copout.
Yesterday's Children, which I mentioned specifically, is the only version of the story I've read, so I can't speak to the Starhunt additions.
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