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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hello, 24-yearold woman here. I didn't grew up with Trek, actually didn't really grow up watching TV much at all. However, I'm a long time sci-fi fan, with that in mind my boyfriend and I started watching Voyager about 7 years ago, and I really liked the universe. That's how I got started.

I love TNG because it focuses more on the professionals and less on the drama, if that makes any sense. Favourite characters are without any doubt Data and Picard. Data is just loveable in all the ways (all of them) and Picard is my hero and role model, I feel like I've learned a lot of valuable lessons from him.
Also I've made it my mission to watch all things star trek before the end of this year, not really doing it in the right order but then again, I started with VOY so who cares There are still a lot of things in this universe I don't know, but I'm catching up.
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